Church-bells beyond the stars heard, the soul's blood,

The land of spices; something understood.


George Herbert



Praying is something most of us do at one time or another, but few of us feel particularly good at.

Our top priority as a church is to grow in prayer – not so that we can be experts – we probably never will be. But because we want to connect with God.


As a community, we aim to offer opportunities to pray together, and to experience different kinds of prayer, as well as to take time out for a quiet day when we can discover more about silence and meditation. If you would like to discover more about these opportunities please contact us.



Needing Prayer?

Please let us know if you would like someone to pray with you, or if there is something or someone for whom you would like us to pray daily in the coming week.

Pattern for Living


Jesus Christ calls all people to receive the gift of life – to live life to the full now and in eternity.


To help us respond to this call, we are a developing a simple pattern for daily life.


This pattern reminds us of those things which we know bring joy and fulfilment, but which can so easily be crowded out.


It is summarised here:


1. Learning to Pray.

None of us will ever be experts, but we are developing a regular pattern of personal prayer.


2. Learning to Listen.

We practise silence so that we can listen to God and enjoy his presence. We also listen through reading Scripture, supporting one another in study, and through the teaching of the church. We try to listen deeply to others, for our full attention is one of the most valuable gifts we can give.


3. A Community of Welcome.

Hospitality is a sacred duty, so we aim to make the visitor welcome and where possible to open our homes to guests. We love to eat and laugh together.


4. A Community of Worship.

Gathering for worship is a priority in our week. We are enthusiastic about growing in our relationships with God and one another.


5. A Community of Encouragement.

We commit to developing a gentle and merciful attitude towards one another, to speaking words of encouragement, practising restraint in speech and to avoiding gossip or grumbling.


6. A Place of Creativity.

We use our gifts to serve one another and the wider community, and we make time for  creative activities which bring energy and inspiration to our lives.


7. A Place of Service.

We serve others and allow others to serve us too.


8. A Place of Rest.

We build Sabbath time into each day and into each week.


9. Care for Creation.

We are learning to be careful stewards of the world around us as well as of the time and money which has been entrusted to us.


10. Cause for Celebration.

We recognise in each other and in the stranger the light and love of Christ. We are constantly on the lookout for ‘heaven in ordinary’ and find much cause for celebration as we live out our Christian faith in daily life.

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